1. Candidates must be current members of the IASA.
  2. Nominators submit materials to Submittable.
  3. No self-nominations will be accepted.
  4. Nominators submit the nomination form presenting the candidate and explaining the individual’s qualifications.
  5. Nominators submit three letters of support in addition to their own explanation of candidate qualifications housed on the nomination form.
  6. Nominators submit a current curriculum vitae of the nominee, to be obtained directly from the nominee with the nominee’s consent. While containing the typical information, the CV should also clearly indicate the following,
    1. Service to the IASA (type and years), highlighted in yellow.
    2. The number of years the candidate has been a member of the IASA, highlighted in yellow.
    3. Participation in or presence at IASA conferences, highlighted in yellow.


• Applications may be submitted year-round to Submittable.

• Nominations are received by the president.

• Judges (three board and two at large members) will review all nominations in September and will make a selection at that time.

• Award will be announced/presented at the annual October conference. 



• Successful nominees will have made a real and substantial contribution to the Italian American Studies Association or the greater Italian American community through publishing, activism, committee work, recruiting, fundraising, public relations or other such significant activity.

• Current officers and board members are eligible to be candidates for the award.

• Past winners are not eligible for nominations for three years following the year in which they won.

• Annual winners will receive a plaque from the IASA, conference registration paid for that year, and will be interviewed by Diasporic Italy.


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